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  The most beautiful fish that dwells in the waters of the Paraná and Corriente River. Baptized as the "tiger of the rivers", its mood and hunting voracity at the time of getting food is the perfect base for its well-deserved nickname. There is not a more fighting species in sport fishing. Owner of impressive teeth, once hooked, the Dorado starts to make big acrobatic jumps that increase the level of excitement in this kind of fishing. The fight against this large fish usually lasts long minutes of tension and adrenaline. The fishing of the dorado is considered as one of the best worldwide sport fishing.
  It’s great trophy treasured by the Paraná and Corriente. In the open river, it can be found on the coast area and deepest banks. But its territory is the channels and brooks crowded with old trees and raigones, which are predominant in Esquina Corrientes.
  Is another large species very much searched by sport anglers in the Argentinean North. Its flesh is magnificent. Its diet consists of fruit and seeds falling from the trees. It is fished in channels and brooks with slow or no current at all, which are the natural habitat of the species.

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