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  Begins in the dark of the morning, after a good breakfast, we drive to the pond (30 to 60 min.) and wade to the blinds. The blinds are built in the natural reeds or with branches and except for a few spots are not dry blinds. The guide spreads the decoys and as soon as light comes, the marsh rises in thousand of noises and the ducks start flying, flock after flock to the decoys while the guide calls. After shooting over 30 ducks, we head back to the lodge, for a snack and a gourmet lunch, with wonderful Argentinean wines.
· Brown and White Cheek pintails.
· Fulvous and White face tree ducks.
· Rosy billed Pochard, Chilean Widgeon, Red Shoveler.
· Teals: Cinnamon, Silver, Speckled, Black head and Brazilian teal.
  When we get to the field the decoys are spread and blinds built. The guides will carry the shells, stools and shotgun and as soon as we are set, the Pigeons will start decoying. Pigeon decoy very well what makes this a very classic hunt. We hunt where they feed, in the morning or where they water in the afternoon. We pigeon hunt half a day and doves hunt the rest of the day. A good afternoon the hunter can expect to shoot 80 to 120 decoying birds. Most of the times there will be much more available, but we quit around 100 birds per hunter. The birds will fly all day long, but anyway we take a break for lunch in the field or at the lodge.
  Perdiz are a game bird similar to Quail, for those unfamiliar with Perdiz, it is an upland game bird. It is about the same size and is hunted with German Short-hair pointers. Perdiz hunts are arranged generally for afternoon hunts and you can shoot the snipe at the same area. Arrangements must be made a day in advance to set up Perdiz shoots. Limits are 10 per person. Conserving these tasty birds is a high priority for managing their numbers.
· Common Snipe.
· Red-winged tinamou.
· Spotted tinamou.
  Our turkey hunts are all year round and again start early morning coffee. Then the hunt will begin by going after the gobbler that was roosted the night before. After the morning hunt and lunch, the afternoons are spent doing various shooting program that you choose. Turkey hunting is very contagious, so if you have not already gotten the bug, come join us for a few days in some of the best land and only turkey hunting in Argentina.

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